VESTING is the study association for the bachelor's program Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR) and the master's program Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (EORAS) at the University of Groningen. VESTING is a close-knit association consisting of more than 600 members, with approximately 100 actively involved. 

VESTING aims to bridge the gap between practice and theory. Throughout the academic year, we organize a wide range of events. These include formal events such as the annual Conference, the Career Experience, and target group-oriented In-house days. We also organize informal events such as recruitment dinners, drinks, and golf clinics: unique opportunities for your organization to get to know your potential future employees better! Additionally, we offer a wide range of possibilities to profile your company through our online channels.

Opportunities for coöperation

For this reason, we enable you to present your business in a positive way among our members, who'm are all econometric students. As they enter the job market after graduation, you already have an advantage over other companies. At VESTING it is possible to be formally and informally known by our members. We distinguish between events and online exposure. In terms of events, we organize everything in between workshops, Inhousedays and Conferences, and informal activities in cooperation with companies. Examples of digital exposure are visibility on our home- and career page, mailings and exposure on our social media channels.

Get in contact

Do you need advice about your opportunities, or do you already know that you want to collaborate with us? Our External Relations Officer is always available to discuss the options with you.

Contact information:
Jesse Indrisie
+31 6 40 39 21 17