Career Events

In order to support the VESTING Members in their career preparation, VESTING organizes multiple formal events throughout the year. From large formal events with cases and speakers to nice dinners to get to know each other, VESTING offers the whole scale of events to help her students prepare themselfs for their possible future careers.


The annual Conference is our largest formal event and the career event of VESTING. Every year, many interested students find inspiration through the most innovative organizations and speakers in the field. As an organization, you are warmly invited to challenge our students through a case. Furthermore, you will have extensive opportunities to present your organization and engage directly with our students. It is possible to either participate in a morning case which includes business lunch or to participate in the afternoon case which gives acces to the networking drinks afterwards.

Recruitment Dinner

A great more informal way to get to know our students are the recruitment dinners. Multiple times a year we go with a group students to a restaurant in Groningen to get to know some companies. This is a great way for our students to get to know the companies and for the companies to get to know their future employees. 

Inhouse Day

During an Inhouse Day, a group of interested students will be your guests for a day (or part of a day). Inhouse Days provide our students with the opportunity to learn a lot about your organization and company culture in a short amount of time. It's a unique chance to capture the interest of your potential employees. During these days companies can give a company presentation, case, guided tour any many more.


It is also possible to organize a workshop/case for our members here in Groningen. During this day you can give a workshop or case to our students where they can get to know your company. After this workshop we could organise a networking drinks, a dinner and much more. Here almost everything is possible.

Get in contact

Do you need advice about your opportunities, or do you already know that you want to collaborate with us? Our External Relations Officer is always available to discuss the options with you.

Contact information:
Jesse Indrisie
+31 6 40 39 21 17