Confidential Advisors

A confidential advisor is there for you to talk about anything! Whether you are struggling with your studies, you need help but you are not sure where to go, or you would just like a listening ear, the confidential advisors are there for you. Their job is to listen to you, give advice (if you would like advice), and/or refer you to other instances, for example, the study advisor or student's psychologist. Everything you say to the confidential advisor is, as the name already implies, strictly confidential; nothing will be shared with other people, except with your explicite permission.

VESTING has 2 confidential advisors, feel free to send them a message for advice or to get something off your chest! The VESTING Confidential advisors are:

Marlène Bouman
+31 6 15 66 52 03

Jochum Popkema
+ 31 6 20 05 78 09

Hi! My name is Marlène and I will be a confidential advisor of VESTING. I just finished my Bachelor EOR, and I am currently following the EORAS Master programme. In between study sessions I am busy organizing the National Econometricians day, and in my spare time I like to hang out with my friends, play squash, or cook something delicious. 

Hello! My name is Jochum, 22 years old and I will be a confidential advisor of VESTING. Next to being a member of the VESTING Board, I will be busy finishing my bachelor Econometrics & Operations Research. In my spare time I like to play football, go to the gym, or play card games.