The study Econometrics & Operations Research is focussed on the description and analysation of economical, business related and other similar types of problems through the use and creation of models. The main component of the study programme is the adoption of a research driven attitude, the knowlegde of the newest used models and the required skills in the fields of mathematics and statistics for the strong analytical solutions for the problems at hand. These findings have to be translated to a relevant solution for the application field, and thus the transition from model approach to this practical solution is also an important part of the study.

To attain these goals, the first two years of the bachelor programme are mainly focussed on the gaining of the necessary knowlegde in the field of statistics and mathematics. The second year also provides insight in the most relevant subjects of economics. In the bachelor, all four directions of the study will be treated, being operations research, actuariate, econometrics and mathematical economics. The last semester of the bachelor contains the writing of a thesis, as a closing assignment for the study, and the opportunity to prepare for a masters programme through elective courses.

These elective courses provide insight in different field of economics, and can be chosen faculty wide (some even university wide). To bridge the gap between the theory of our study and the practice of it in the business field, the study programme makes use of so-called cases. An international exchange to follow part of the study abroad is also an offered and highly recommended option. As the study is taught in English only, it is very internationally oriented and has a lot of international students. Assignments, exams and tutorials will all be taught in English as well.