Green Initiatives 2022


January 2022

In January, the Green Initiative "what's on the menu today" was launched. Every Monday, a healthy vegetarian (or vegan) recipe was shared that committees could use for their committee evening. In this way, we hope that VESTING Members will not only start the year 2022 in a healthy way, but we also try to encourage members to eat vegetarian (or vegan) more often.

February 2022

In February, the VESTING Board appointed two confidential advisors. By appointing a male and a female confidant, the VESTING Board wants to create a confidential atmosphere in which people can express themselves to confidants who are close to the association.


March 2022

In March, sustainable gifts were the incentive of the End of the Year questionnaire. This gift was a headphone of House of Marley.


April 2022

In April, the VESTING Board cycled through Groningen on a carrier cycle to collect old clothes from members for het ‘Leger des Heils’. In total, members donated more than 28 kilos of clothing. These clothes can be given to people in need. In addition, the clothing and textiles go to sorting companies. The ‘Leger des Heils’ receives money for this, which it uses to help vulnerable people in our society.

May 2022

In May, free fruit was available to all members in the VESTING Room. With this free fruit VESTING aims to improve the lifestyle and health of its members.

June 2022

In June, the VESTING Board organized Vegetarian Monday! On this day, VESTING distributed healthy vegetarian food boxes around Groningen, for members to eat with their fellow study members.

July 2022

In July, the VESTING Board donated all the spare food of the Fifty Cent Shop to the Voedselbank. This reduced food waste and helped people in need.

August 2022

In August, the VESTING Board promoted several meditation apps on Instagram. Meditation apps are there to help our members with any kind of mental problems someone might experience. The use of these apps could lead to less stress and better sleep.

September 2022

In July, the VESTING Board purchases more sustainable monitors. All monitors in the VK (VESTING Room) are now energy label A.

October 2022


In October, the VESTING Board decided to stop printing the HALV documents. This saves up to approximately a thousand printed papers. At the HALV, members were able to scan a QR-code that showed the HALV documents on their phone.

November 2022

In November, VESTING participated with Movember! During the whole month, males grew their mustaches and females ran 60km in order to raise money for charity. With 25 participants, we raised over 1300 euros!

December 2022

During the Christmas of December 2022, VESTING participated in "De Grote Kerstkaartenactie" of the Ouderenfonds. In the weeks before Christmas, VESTING Members could write a Christmas card for lonely elderly people.