Green Initiatives 2020


January 2020

All year long the VESTING Board focussed on buying sustainable board and office supplies, emphasize the fact that also the small things matter. 

February 2020

VESTING made a transition to sustainable company gifts, in order to also raise awareness for sustainability among our partners.

March 2020

The VESTING Board switched to using digital participation lists only for informal events, in order to reduce paper.

April 2020

The VESTING Charity Run was organized. Together with 47 members, a total of 280 km was run, thereby raising exactly €500 for the Voedselbank!

May 2020

The committee applications of February and May have been held completely paperless. In order to reduce the consumption of paper, future committee applications will also be held paperless.

June 2020

The VESTING Board shared a sustainability quiz on Instagram to test their green knowledge and to make its members more aware of how they can be sustainable.

July 2020

The VESTING Partnership brochures handed to companies were made of 100% recycled FSC fibres.


August 2020

The VESTING Board organized the Fifty Delivery in order to avoid food waste! Having loaded a whole lot of snacks from our famous AXECO Fifty Cent Shop in a rented 'bakfiets', we cycled to various places in Groningen.

September 2020

The package that all first-year EOR students received from VESTING contained only sustainable goodies!


October 2020

The VESTING Board 2020-2021 introduced the VESTING Sustainable Sunday. Every Sunday we will highlight a sustainable tip, recipe or fact!

November 2020

The VESTING Board 2020-2021 participated in 'De Grote Kerstkaartenactie' held by 'Het Ouderenfonds' and encourages all her members to do the same!

December 2020

All year long, the VESTING Board has been firmly committed to discovering new (small) ways to make the association more and more sustainable!