Green Initiatives 2018


March 2018

The VESTING Board bought fairtrade board sweaters.


April 2018

The constitution letters sent were all made of recycled paper. Besides that, the regular VESTING Notebooks were replaced by notebooks made of sustainable paper.

May 2018

The VESTING Board donated 100 trees to the organization Plant-for-the-Planet to compensate for the flight of the International Programme.

September 2018

Members had to bring their own crockery and cutlery to the Introduction Camp instead of using plastic crockery and cutlery. Besides that, the new VESTING Pencils were made of bamboo wood.

October 2018

An option to donate a euro to the Bas van Goor foundation was added to the Fifty Cent Shop. By this, Jochem Hak and Tobias Witte raised money by successfully running the New York marathon on the 5th of November.

November 2018

At the Active Members Weekend, only vegetarian food was bought and no plastic cutlery was used. Furthermore, the leftover food was donated to the less fortunate in the local area. 

December 2018

A map with the route to the Career Experience was posted on Social Media, to stimulate students to go there by bike. Besides that, recruitment activities were made cheaper for NGO’s in this month.