VESTING Goes Green

Green Label

Since 2018, the VESTING Board has been busy promoting sustainability within the association. This started with the initiation of monthly Green Initiatives, and has been expanded to a five year Multi-Year Sustainability Plan by the VESTING Board 2019-2020. We believe that as a study association, it is important to contribute to a better climate and set an example for your members. In addition to making the association more sustainable, we strive to make our members more aware of the importance of sustainability. By doing so, we hope to ensure that they will also incorporate sustainability into their own lifestyles.

Since 2019, VESTING has participated in the Green Label program of the Green Office of the University of Groningen. The Green Label program measures how sustainable an organization is. After fulfilling a Sustainability Checklist, the participating organizations can be awarded Green Office Green Labels to indicate how sustainable the organizations are. Participating organizations can either achieve a Gold Label, Silver Label, Bronze Label, but can also not be awarded a Green Office Green Label at all.

In 2019, VESTING was awarded the Green Office Bronze Label. Since every year since 2020, VESTING was one of the few associations awarded the Green Office Gold Label. Also for the upcoming years, VESTING strives to increase its effort in making the association and its members more sustainable.

Multi-Year Sustainability Plan

The VESTING Board 2019-2020 introduced a five year Multi-Year Sustainability Plan. This multi-year plan has been made using input from the Sustainability Survey, the Green Office, VESTING's Green Officers, the Supervisory Board and the VESTING Board. With the Multi-Year Sustainability Plan, the VESTING Board strives to make VESTING more sustainable and make VESTING Members more aware of sustainability.

The multi-year plan is rewritten annually to ensure feasibility. Are you curious about the steps VESTING has taken in the past five years with regard to sustainability? You can find the Multi-Year Sustainability Plan here.

Since this plan ended in 2024, the VESTING Board 2023-2024 wrote a three year sustainablity plan to keep improving on sustainability for VESTING. This plan can be found here.

Green Initiatives

We, as VESTING, try to create awareness of sustainability on an informal level using monthly Green Initiatives. The aim of these initiatives is to show students what they can do themselves to contribute to a more sustainable world. Every month, these Green Initiatives show that the first step to changing the world is changing yourself.

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Green Initiatives 2019
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