European Programme

European Programme


This year, the European Programme will travel to ATHENS! The trip will be held from the 14th of April until the 21st of April. During this trip, a group of 20 students will travel to ATHENS to discover businesses, education and culture.

Before taking off, participants will attend various inhouse days in the Netherlands. These can be found under the tab 'Inhousedays'. The first inhouseday will be held on February 28th at ITDS, so make sure you are available on this day when signing up for the European Programme. Besides the inhouse days, there will also be an introductory activity for the group to become acquainted with each other.

During the trip, we will visit several companies with the aim to experience the business culture. The companies differ greatly in their specialities and will shed light on how econometric study skills can be applied abroad. Naturally, there will also be plenty of time to discover the amazing attractions our location has to offer.

The participation fee will be at most €333 and includes the following:

  • Flight tickets
  • Train/Bus tickets
  • Hostel
  • Dinner for 3 nights
  • Introductory activity
  • Selection of activities and trips 
  • Travel allowance for transport to companies and group activities at our destination.


In advance of the trip, we will have inhousedays in the Netherlands to get a broader view of the job perspective of an econometrician. We will visit several institutions in all fields of econometrics:

ITDS - February 28, 2024

Valcon - March 6, 2024

Zanders - March 13, 2024

Deloitte - March 14, 2024

For more information, please contact the committee on