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The price for a VESTING Membership is as follows:

  • For first year, second year and third year students the contribution fee amounts €5,00 a year until cancellation;
  • For fourth year students (or older) the contribution fee amounts €2,50 a year until cancellation.

If you are a student who came to Groningen to study the MSc Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies (EORAS) you qualify as a fourth year student (or older).

Please note that VESTING is affiliated with the EBF. For this reason VESTING Members need to be a member of EBF as well. An EBF Membership can be acquired via this link.

Bank account

By becoming a member of VESTING, you agree with the recurrent SEPA authorization and authorize VESTING (Creditor Identifier: NL90ZZZ400244890000) to send collection instructions to your bank to debit your account after participating in a certain event under predetermined conditions. You will always be notified by VESTING if a debit is to be collected by your bank. If you do not agree with the debit collection, you can arrange for its refund. Please contact your bank within eight weeks from the date on which your account was debited. Ask your bank for the conditions.


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