The Netherlands office for UNICEF is continuously trying to raise awareness and support (be it financial or otherwise) for our work to relieve the plight of children worldwide. And although it may not seem apparent at first, there is an ever increasing amount of data and data knowledge involved in successfully getting across heartfelt messages to our audiences. Charities, in general, are striving towards long-term relationships with their donors. In order to achieve this, it is important to be able to predict the effects of an organisations’ fundraising investments on an individual as well as on an aggregate level. This involves taking into account previous donor behavior as well as the effects of the current campaign on future donor behavior. This can get quite complex. In short, being able to assess When to ask What to Whom is a cornerstone of the art of raising funds. And this is where econometrics comes in. Predictive modelling, albeit only recently, has found its place in the charity / fundraising sector and is gaining ground at a steady pace. From a practitioners point of view, we can safely tell it is very satisfying to put that expertise to -very- good use.

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