VESTING is affiliated with many other organizations. Apart from sister- and motherassociations, we are also in close contact with our Committee of Recommendation. In addition, VESTING knows two honorary members, being Martijn Loo and Bram de Jonge.

Bram de Jonge
For years Bram de Jonge has put effort in VESTING and her activities. He contributed to 22 editions of our former association magazine the GAXEX and has even been chief-editor for one year. He was part of the Lustrum Committee of 2005 and has been active in the ICT Committee for years, building the foundation of our very first VESTING Website. To top this off, he fulfilled the position of Secretary in the Board of 2006-2007. Nowadays, Bram is an assistant professor at the department of Operations at the Faculty of Economics and Business.

The Committee of Recommendation consists of the following people:

Prof. dr. R.J.M. AlessieProf. dr. P.A. Bekker, dr. T. Bootdr. L. Dam, dr. N.D. van ForeestProf. dr. J.H. Garretsen, Prof. dr. W.K. Klein Haneveld, dr. B. de JongeProf. dr. R.H. Koning, dr. A. van der Madedr. J.O. Mierau, dr. H. Risseladadr. W. RomeijndersProf. dr. K.J. Roodbergen, Prof. dr. A. Schrijver, Prof. dr. G. Sierksma, Prof. dr. H.G. Sol, Prof. dr. L. SpierdijkProf. dr. E. SterkenProf. dr. R.H. Teunter, and Prof. dr. T.J. Wansbeek

VESTING also keeps close contact with the department of Econometrics, Economics & Finance and the department of Operations:

Econometrics, Economics & Finance
Chairman: prof. dr. C.L.M. Hermes
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Chairman: prof. dr. R.H. Teunter
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Mother- and daughter associations

Sister associations










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