As a member of the Lustrum Committee, you will organize a broad variety of events and activities to celebrate the anniversary of VESTING. The activities will take place during the Lustrum Week, which will be full of social and study-related activities. You have a lot of freedom in choosing which activities will be organized. It is usual to organize an opening party and a ball to end the week. Furthermore, it is important to give you attention to all different members VESTING has, so you can look at the possibilities of having events specifically for active members, alumni, masters or former boards. 

As Chairman of the Lustrum Committee, you will guide the committee in the right direction. You will have to consider whether all committee members are carrying out their tasks and what still needs to be done to organize the Lustrum Week Almanac. You lead the meetings, make the agenda’s and set the deadlines for the whole committee. Next to that, you will have contact with the board and keep them up to date with what is going on.

Secretary & Treasurer
As the Treasurer of the Lustrum Committee, you are responsible for the financial matters surrounding the Lustrum Week. This means that you will be responsible for both the budget and realization. This means that you will look at what activities can be organised with the available budget. You will also fulfill the function Secretary, which means that you will be responsible for the contact with the participants and making the minutes of the meetings of the committee.

External Affairs I
As External Affairs I of the Lustrum Committee, you are responsible for contact with companies. After choosing which companies and speakers might be interesting for some of the formal events during the Lustrum Week, you will approach them to get them to speak or give a case at your event. You keep in touch with interested companies by emailing and calling recruiters and keep them informed about the Lustrum Week. In addition, you approach companies for funds so that you have even more budget for fun activities during the Lustrum Week.

Activity Coordinator
As Activity Coordinator of the Lustrum Committee, you are responsible for all activities during the Lustrum Week. You will look at all different types of activities such as sports, social, master and alumni activities. You can let your creativity run wild to come up with activities that make the Lustrum a week that will always be remembered.

External Affairs II & PR
As External Affairs  II & PR of the Lustrum Committee, you will support the External Affairs with the contact of the companies. Furthermore you are responsible for all the promotion of the event. For example, you will make a plan with which promotion will take place and at which time. You will also have to promote tactically on all social media to get everyone hyped for the Lustrum Week. In addition you can come up with some nice gadgets so that people will often think of your event.

Due to the coronavirus, it was not really possible to celebrate the 30th anniversary of VESTING. Therefore, in December 2021, a Lustrum Weekend Team will organise a special Lustrum Ball. This teams consists of Ewoud Vos (Chairman), Mick van Ottele, Annemieke Westerhof, Deirdre Westebrink and Hannah Froklage. 

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