As a member of the Freshmen Symposium Committee, you will organize the yearly Freshmen Symposium. The Freshmen Symposium Committee is a perfect fit for you if you want experience with formal activities as a new student. You organize a formal event, exclusively for first year students, where they will get their first idea of the future of an econometrics student. Every field of study is represented at the Symposium, so you get a complete view of our study in practice. 

As chairman of the Freshmen Symposium Committee, you will guide the committee in the right direction. You will have to consider whether all committee members are carrying out their tasks and what still needs to be done to organize the Freshmen Symposium. You lead the meetings, make the agenda’s and set the deadlines for the whole committee. Next to that, you will have contact with the board and keep them up to date with what is going on.

Treasurer & Secretary
As the treasurer of the Freshmen Symposium Committee, you are responsible for the financial matters surrounding the Freshmen Symposium. This means that you will be responsible for both the budget and realization. For example, within the budget and realization, you will have to take into account the participation fee, the price of the location and the catering. You will also fulfill the function Secretary, which means that you will be responsible for the contact with the participants and making the minutes of the meetings of the committee.

Day Coordinator
As a Day Coordinator of the Freshmen Symposium Committee, you take care of the planning and script of the event. This means that you work out what certain committee members should do during the event and what the general planning of the event will look like.

External Affairs
As External Affairs of the Freshmen Symposium Committee, you are responsible for contact with companies. After choosing which companies and speakers might be interesting for your event, you will approach them to get them to speak or give a case at your event. You keep in touch with interested companies by emailing and calling recruiters and keep them informed about the Freshmen Symposium.

The Freshmen Symposium 2022 was organized by Chenelle Huijbers (Chairman), Niels Huijbregsen (Treasurer/Secretary), Jesse Indrisie (Day Coordinator), Marcella Schrijver (External Affairs) and Donaez Aarts (External Affairs).

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