Are you a Second-Year EOR student? Then you can apply for the LED Day Organization Committee! This committee offers a unique opportunity to attend and help with organizing the LED 2024. Normally, this event can only be attended from your third year onwards. However, as part of the Day Organization Committee, you can already attend in 2024! This way you can already find out more about your future employers while boosting your CV and working together with at least 3 fellow EOR students to ensure the day runs smoothly!

And, of course, end the day with our famous after-party!

About the LED

The National Econometricians Day (in Dutch: Landelijke Econometristendag, abbreviated as LED) is the largest annual recruitment event for students in the fields of econometrics, operations research, data science, and actuarial sciences in The Netherlands. On this day, over 750 3rd year and higher bachelor & master students get the opportunity to orientate themselves on their future careers and get in contact with their potential future employers.
The LED is aimed at all students in the fields of Econometrics, Operations Research, Data Science and Actuarial Sciences in the Netherlands in their third year or higher.

In the Day Organization Committee, you’ll be responsible for one or more of the following parts of the Day Program, and/or any other tasks in preparation for the LED:

Company Fair
The Company Fair is filled with companies excited to talk to the participating students trying to orient themselves between all kinds of companies. If you’re responsible for this event, you’ll be in charge of making sure that the companies find their stand, and that the setup goes smoothly.

Company Cases
A Company Case consists of a 2.5-hour workshop given by a company in which the participants will be given an assignment and a company presentation. If you’re responsible for this event, you’ll help the companies find their way and make sure that all the case rooms have everything they need.

The Speeddates offer participants the chance to talk to companies on a more personal level. Students will have a maximum of three Speeddates, fifteen minutes each, with three different companies. Each Speeddate will consist of three students and a recruiter of one company. If you’re responsible for this event, you ensure that both the students and the companies find their spots and that the time frame runs smoothly.

Lunch, Networking Drink & Recruitment Dinner
For these events, you’ll be responsible for the setup of all the tables. For the Lunch and Networking Drink, each company has their own table that students can walk up to. So, you have to ensure that every company finds their table. For the dinner, every student and company has an assigned table, so, you have to make sure that the layout is done correctly.

Registrations close on November 17th, so make sure to send your motivation letter and/or video to before the 17th of November.

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