The Activity Committee organizes several activities throughout the year. These activities cover a broad range, from cocktailworkshops to the famous VESTING Assassin Game. The AC also throws the incredible End of the Year Party. Its chairman is a second year student, while its other committee members are all first year students. This committee is a great way to get a head start into the VESTING Society, and is known as one of the tightest committees.

The Activity Committee of 2017-2018 consists of Noortje Mentink (chairwoman), Alieke Engel (committee member), Hannah Froklage (committee member), Roel Krekels (committee member), Thom van Lieshout (committee member) and Ruben Schaafsma (committee member).

f.l.t.r.: Thom van Lieshout, Ruben Schaafsma, Roel Krekels, Hannah Froklage, Noortje Mentink and Alieke Engel.

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