Be an active member!
VESTING depends on her active members. The many committees sustain the association and make VESTING a lively environment. Within VESTING several committees are active. We have both formal and informal committees. Examples of informal committees are the Activity Committee and the Sports Committee. Formal committees are usually more time consuming and require more organization. Examples of formal committees are the Career Experience Committee and the Conference Committee. 

Applying for committees and the corresponding interviews take place on several occasions throughout the year; in September, February and May. Sign-ups can be found on the VESTING Website. Our Internal Affairs Coordinator Chiel Hendricksen will contact you for the planning of the interview. Are you interested in a particular committee? You can fill out the interest form for active membership here. During the interviewing period of the particular committee, Chiel will contact you. For any questions regarding committees, you can also reach him through

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