What would you imagine a treasurer does? The easiest explanation of a treasurer would be the guardian of the associations treasure chest, being the money. You collect money, spend money and monitor everything to do with money. This translates to the following tasks;

First, you are as a treasurer responsible for the financial operating of the association. This means you have to pay incoming bills and send bills to companies and other parties cooperating with VESTING. It's your honour to carry around the VESTING Debit and Credit Card year round, its codes only known to you (and former treasurers). The treasurer is the sole person to have access to the VESTING Bank account and is therefore responsible for any expenditures VESTING makes. Nowadays, almost all payments are made online. Furthermore, you collect fees for activities and memberships and you keep the books.

Keeping the books is a task worth mentioning. Using the programme Exact Online, you keep track of all payments and expenditures. It is a professional programme used by many companies.It takes some time to get the knack of it, but the longer you use it, the more you appreciate it. The most important part is the exact (haha) administration of every cash flow. Accurate bookkeeping has multiple advantages. It adds to your overview, and will greatly help your successors. Apart from that, you are required to hand in your 'BTW-aangifte' every quarter by Dutch law, and you have to present a balance and realization for every half yearly General Members Meeting. 

In consort with the other Board members and with the advice of the Treasure Control Committee you decide on the financial direction VESTING takes. Upfront you make a budget for all expenditures and earnings you expect to generate during your board year. Throughout the financial year, you will learn more about sponsor revenues and association expenditures. When money is tight, you decide what posts get cut and when money is superfluous, you decide in what way to invest it. In some sense, you are VESTING's CFO.

Last but not least, the Fifty Cent Shop is your domain. You make sure this treasure chest is filled, just like the cash one. Doing well will deliver you much praise, where an empty Fifty Cent Shop will lead to many complaints.

Next to these set tasks, every board member has some negotiable tasks and has to organize certain activities. One of my other tasks is that of the vice-chairman. As the vice-chairman you are, together with the chairman, responsible for the strategic policy of VESTING and attend several meetings regarding this policy. 

I hope to have sufficiently informed you about my daily occupations. A great part of your time however is spent doing general board tasks, for every important decision has to be made collectively. As a board member you also help your fellow board members with the organization of activities and the support of committees and members.

But still, I have not yet reached the end of the list of reasons why being a treasurer is so amazing! The many socials, where you get to befriend your fellow treasurers, other boards and of course the VESTING Members are just one example. I can really recommend doing a board year, especially at VESTING, for you will soon realize there are not many study associations with members as committed as at VESTING. Also VESTING offers a broad spectrum of possibilities! For any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. 

Ewoud Vos
+31 6 33825392

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