Over the last years, digital promotion has drastically increased in volume. In addition to that, the General Data Protection Regulation has made it harder to reach all potential VESTING Members. To make sure every EOR student has the chance to enjoy all the benefits that come with a VESTING Membership, the function of Public Relations Coordinator was created, which includes a broad range of responsibilities. You are not only responsible for the image that the association conveys to the outside world, but you will also be coordinating the marketing officers and the multimedia committee, organizing the informal events, doing data analysis to improve decision making and it is your job to maintain and improve the Green Policy of VESTING!

Since VESTING has a lot of fun activities and events to offer to her members, it is important that the students know about them! You will face the challenge of attracting not only active members, but also students who have never attended a VESTING activity before. To reach the students, you have full control over all online channels of VESTING, such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Next to that you can let your imagination run free by designing posters, banners and TV slides, and organizing promotion stunts. Hence a lot of room to express your creativity and come up with your own ideas! 

Besides this, also guiding the marketing officers and supervising the multimedia committees are your responsibilities. To promote all VESTING Activities to the best extent possible, you will team up with the marketing officers to advise them in promotional tools and strategies and teach them how to work with Adobe InDesign. Furthermore, you join forces with the multimedia committee to provide every VESTING Event with a beautiful aftermovie!

Next to promoting the events, it is also your responsibility that they are organized in the most sustainable way possible. To maintain and improve the green policy of VESTING, you will keep an eye on ways to make events more sustainable, without it being at the expense of quality. The green policy, however, does not only concern sustainability but also social affairs such as cherishing the openness of the association and supporting a healthy work environment. As the green officer of the board, you come up with monthly initiatives, called Green Initiatives, to create awareness amongst all members and show them what they can do themselves to contribute to a greener world. Furthermore, you will meet up with the green officers of the committees twice a year, which always leads to a lot of fresh new insights and ideas to improve the Green Policy of VESTING even further!

Since you have full control over all social media platforms, it is also your task to gather and process the data generated by these platforms. Analysing this data will help you improve decision making. It will also come in handy for shaping your own promotion policy, thereby improving the promotion of VESTING as a whole!

On top of promoting all VESTING events and making them more sustainable, it is also your job to organize a couple of informal events yourself. These are for example the freshmen activities and the yearly BBQ with the EOR department of the university but also all the VESTING socials at ‘t Vaatje. Hence, you will also improve your organizational skills during your board year as a Public Relations Coordinator!

In conclusion, being the Public Relations Coordinator of VESTING provides you with a lot of room to express your creativity and come up with your own ideas. For any questions, do not hesitate to hop by at the VK or send me an e-mail!

Maaike Glastra 
+31 6 43267890

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