As an External Affairs Coordinator you are responsible for (a great part of) the revenue of the association. Furthermore, all activites that are organized in cooperation with companies are your responsibility. These incluse inhouse days, recruitment dinners and informal activites. It is your job to offer your members a balanced an varied portfolio of activities. For this function, you have to maintain established contacts, but you must also create new contacts and new acquisition. You will get to know many companies in no time, and to the companies you are the face of VESTING. The career path of econometricians will have no more secrets for you, and all applications of our studies will reveal itself to you.

The daily activities of an External Affairs Coordinator vary widely throughout the year. In the beginning of your board year, you will be busy with creating your Activity Package (activiteitenpakket), which contains all activities VESTING hopes to organize in the coming year in cooperation with companies. Afterwards, you will have to find partners for these activities. This mainly takes place during summer. You visit, accompanied by the External Affairs II , the companies that might want to cooperate. This gives you the unique opportunity to experience working cultures and to see offices of many different companies. It also brings you into contact with many recruiters. After the summer, you will organize the events you have planned. During your board year you will actively be pursuing new contacts. The peak of your activities will be in summer.

Besides managing your own contacts, you will assist all external affairs active in VESTING Committees. Your experience and your network of companies makes you the perfect go-to for them, and you will help them where needed. From the very first phone call to the signing of the contract; you are involved in every contact between companies and VESTING.

So, a year as External Affairs Coordinator is a unique experience. For more information on this function or about a board year in general, just talk to me. I'll be glad to help!

Merwin Smit
+31 6 26424418

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