On March 9th 2020, the VESTING Board 2020-2021 has been formed, as follows:

Chairman Mick van Ottele
Vice-Chairman and Treasurer Ewoud Vos
Secretary Deirdre Westenbrink
Internal Affairs Sabina Kamerling
External Affairs Merwin Smit
Public Relations Coordinator Ettina Beiboer

f.l.t.r. Merwin Smit, Deirdre Westenbrink, Sabina Kamerling, Mick van Ottele, Ewoud Vos, Ettina Beiboer

The board is advised by the Board of Supervisory Directors which consists of:

Lara van Steen and Luuk Pentinga Board 2017-2018
Tom Greeven and Sander de Vries Board 2018-2019
Jochem Hak and Michiel van der Gaag Board 2019-2020

The financial policy of the VESTING Board is checked and approved by the Accountancy Check Committee which consists of:

Luuk Pentinga Board 2017-2018
Sander de Vries Board 2018-2019
Renske Zijm Board 2019-2020
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