How does VESTING serve its 2nd year and older students?
With both formal and informal activities, VESTING serves its bachelor students. Apart from general activities, VESTING also has some activities specifically for 2nd- or 3rd year and older students.

Career Experience
The Career Experience is an event especially for 2nd year students and older. During this day, students get in touch with the application of their study. Some interesting companies in the field of EOR(AS) will give interactive cases. Besides that, the day includes lectures, a business lunch and a network social.  

On this one-day event, several speakers will come to tell about their experiences, applications or views on the theme of that year. This event is especially for 2nd year students and older! Along with this there is a case round in which several interesting companies will show students some applications in the field of EOR(AS). Of course there will be plenty of time to socialize and connect with the participating students and speakers/companies. At the end of the day, students have the opportunity to participate in the closing dinner.

Data Science Tour
The Data Science Tour is especially for 3rd year students and older! Students who are interested in Data Science and Data Analytics can find out what the career opportunities are within this field during the two day Data Science Tour, where we visit several companies and stay overnight in Amsterdam.

Expedition Strategy
Expedition Strategy is a two-day virtual career event that gives the participants a unique insight in the world of Strategy Consulting. Only the very best, Dutch speaking, students of VESTING, TBV Lugus, Risk, FMF and TFV 'Professor Francken' are selected by recruiters to take a visit to the participating companies. During these two days you will not only be introduced to the best strategy consultants of the Netherlands, but also solve cases, participate in workshops and have time to network with the recruiters and consultants.

International Programme
The International Programme is a combination of several inhouse days in the Netherlands and a foreign trip. In the fall of each year, the location for the International Programme is announced. After the announcement, it is possible to apply for one of the 16 available spots. A selection procedure will follow and the committee will announce which 16 people have been selected to be a participant of the IP. The students will be selected on the basis of study performance, curriculum vitae, and motivation.

The National Econometricians Day (in Dutch: Landelijke Econometristendag, abbreviated as LED) is the largest annual recruitment event for students in the fields of econometrics, operations research, data science and actuarial sciences in The Netherlands. It is aimed at all students in these fields in the Netherlands in their 3rd year or higher. On this day, over 600 students get the opportunity to orientate themselves on their future careers and get in contact with their potential future employers. To make sure that the LED is also open for international students, a lot of companies offer their cases in English. In order to keep the LED available for all econometrics students, CV selection is not used.

Trading Tour
The Trading Tour is an event for 3rd year students and older. Students who are interested in Trading can find out what the career opportunities are within this field during the Trading Tour, where we visit several companies and stay overnight in Amsterdam.

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