This is the website of study association VESTING, the study association for Econometrics, Operations Research and Actuarial Studies at the University of Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen). On this page we'll try to give you an image of our daily business.

What is a study association?
A study association is an association connected to a specific academic programme, in our case this is the bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research and the masters Econometrics and Operations Research (and Actuarial Studies), abbreviated EOR and EOR(AS). A study association helps its students in the field of study, such as a booksale, and carreer orientation, such as company visits. We also offer our students a broad range of informal, fun activities like a pubquiz, to make sure everyone has studybuddies.

In Groningen, we also have the EBF (Economische en Bedrijfskundige Faculteits- vereniging). This is the association for all students faculty-wide from the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) at the University of Groningen. VESTING is a daughter association of the EBF.

What does VESTING do?
VESTING organizes a bunch of different activities throughout the year. There's socials, sporting activities and many more informal events. These are accessible for students of every stage in their studies. In fact, we encourage different years to mingle, so they can help each other when needed. We also organize formal activities, like the Career Experience. The events are designed to get you into contact with a lot of companies, and maybe your future employer. The earleir mentioned activities all take up one day or just a few hours. VESTING also organizes multi-day events. Examples are the Sailing Weekend, Hitchhiking Competition and the International Programme. A lot of these are organized by committees. If you're interested in joining one of our committees, check out our website and submit your interest! VESTING is happy to answer all your questions anytime. We have our own office at Zernike (our facultycomplex, where all lectures and tutorials are held), and you're welcome to come pay us a visit and get a snack in our faculty-famous Fifty Cent Shop.

How does VESTING serve its freshmen?
Apart from the general activities, VESTING has some special activities for its freshmen. The first of these is the Introduction Weekend. We're proud to say that almost all of our students-to-be participate in this fun weekend just before the academic year kicks off. It is the perfect way to get to know your fellow students! For more information, check this link. We also organize a booksale including all the books you need at a discount. When the first week begins, we host a lunch for all freshmen and a LaTeX Workshop, making sure you have everything you need to start off your year flawlessly. You'll have a small mentor group, led by a pair of older students who'll teach you the knicks and knacks of both the university and the study programme. We even have a special formal event for freshmen; the Freshmen Symposium. This is a first peek into business life for freshmen only. Lastly, a lot of committees are open for freshmen, such as the Sports Committee, the Activity Committee, the Weekend Trip Committee, the Sailing Weekend Committee, the Intoduction Weekend Committee and the Freshmen Symposium Committee. More information about committees can be found at this page

Student for a Day
The University of Groningen organizes many Open Days throughout the year. They also organize a special day for you to experience EOR specifically. All dates can be found here. Can't make it to any of these, but still interested in what a day in the glamourous life of an econometrics student is like? Send an email to and we'll find you a freshman to show you around. 

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