Each academic year first year students are divided into mentor groups. These groups are being guided by a FEB chosen mentor and a VESTING chosen mentor, also called formal and informal mentor. At the end of May and the beginning of June applications for these functions are open. By then, you will find the application information on the website.

A formal mentor gives, apart from general guidance to its group, weekly sessions called SPAA meetings. These meetings are held in English. A three day training is mendatory for all formal mentors. This training is worth 2 ECT's (study credits). The formal mentorship is a teaching assistant position.

Along with a formal mentor, each group is assigned an informal mentor. Its role is mainly present at Introduction Weekend and the mentor nights. As an informal mentor you act as a counselor for every student.

For the academical year 2018 - 2019 the mentor couples are constituted as follows (in random order):

  • Coert Schrijver (FEB) - Floor van Kampen (VESTING)
  • Michiel van der Gaag (FEB) - Annemieke Westerhof (VESTING)
  • Senne van der Vliet (FEB) - Sanne Weerstra (VESTING)
  • Femke van den Bos (FEB) - Fenna Beentjes (VESTING)
  • Alieke Engel (FEB) - Evelien van der Laan (VESTING)
  • Renske Zijm (FEB) - Sjors Keet (VESTING)
  • Marie Hiemstra (FEB) - Phebe Langens (VESTING)
  • Jochem Hak (FEB) - Pieter Dilg (VESTING)
  • Tobias Witte (FEB) - Mick van Ottele (VESTING)
  • Stan Koobs (FEB) - Richard Schram (VESTING)
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