Just like prior years you can order your books from the Studystore (www.vesting.itdepartment.nl). If you ordered your books here before, you can use your details from your last order. For those who are new to the system, please read the following information.

New to the bookordering system? 
On the upper part you can select your year. Then you get a list of the books needed for each course of your year in the first semester (Ia and Ib). Courses that do not require a book are NOT listed here. Select the books you want to order and tick the box 'Ik ben al lid' (Already a member). Now you can either log in with an existing account or create a new one and you can confirm your order. Note: the account you need to order books is a different one from your VESTING Website account!

Note that for some courses, you might have already bought the book for another course; some books are used for multiple courses. If you order your books before, you can collect them at VESTING (Zernike). More information about book collection will follow. Any books ordered after the deadline will be automatically delivered at your home address. 

You can place your order through the following link. Be quick, limited supply!

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