Consultancy, Operations Research, IT
Required language
Dutch, English

About Districon

Districon thinks and works globally, developing new supply chain strategies and creating supply chain solutions. From strategy to implementation, realistic, energetic, and always focused on operating results. Mastering Flow.

We work in many different industries, like retail, logistics, production, city infrastructure and we always deal with the main supply chain challenges: digitalization, sustainability, (de-) globalization, supply chain as a service, capability developments.

Data analytics helps supply chain & logistics leaders make sense of the growing volumes of information for further growth and development. Supply chains are growing in complexity, are impacted by many variances and customers demand more flexibility, faster answers, lower costs and all of that based on a sustainable infrastructure.

We are developers of key supply chain data analytics capabilities by enabling our customers to extract & translate the right supply chain data, to design & implement smart supply chain models and applications and to self enable users to create business value.

Our mission is to become the industry reference for developing high performing supply chain capabilities based on hands-on experience, best practices and analytical technology, where a combination of our data analytic skills & domain-knowledge is required to realize true performance impact.

What will you be working on with us?

We are always open for new colleagues and interns. To give a bit a flavor of our roles, we distinguish three main areas.

Supply chain (analytics) consultancy: How can we optimize our Supply Chain network to reduce our costs levels? What is the best forecasting method to predict our sales? What are the actual costs to serve a customer? By applying data and technology, enriched with process knowledge, you provide support to our customers. We apply the software of AIMMS,, python, R, Qlik, PowerBI and others. (Contact

Supply chain modelling & optimization: How to allocate scarce materials to orders? What will be the optimal production schedule? How to optimize your network capacity? How to derisk supply chain variances? We develop (planning) applications to support our customers in fact based decision making with the ability to run different scenarios. We apply the software of AIMMS,, python, R and others (contact

Business intelligence: How do you map an entire chain from production to customer at order line level? Or how do you develop a dashboard to gain insight into orders and inventory? By turning data into valuable information, you support customers in making the right decision in the supply chain. We apply the software of Qlik, PowerBi, python and others (contact

Internship: we do like to guide interns during their master thesis. We are open for your thesis subjects, we can also share our ideas. You will be guided by us, we can provide cases and data and we want you to become part of our team..

We have over 45 years’ experience advising both Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Retail Executives across planning, logistics and analytics. Our 75 consultants are located at our offices in Maarssen, Chicago and Singapore.

Interested in our career opportunities? Check out this page.

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