Since the financial crisis of 2008 the dynamics changed in the financial sector. Banks have to comply with IFRS and Basel and insurance companies face Solvency II since 2016. These regulations are quantitative and qualitative based. As a consultant for the Financial Risk Management (FRM) department at KPMG you help clients on a daily basis with these regulations. One day you are calculating the capital requirements for a bank and another day you are calculating the provision for an insurance company or pension fund. Other tasks of a consultant are helping financial institutions with M&A’s or their asset management. Next to these calculations, you help financial institutions with questions like ‘how do we apply for a banking license’ or you help organizing large meetings for the Chief Risk Officers of large European insurers. All this work is done with a young and diverse team of around 70 people. 

My name is Sander Cremers and in the beginning of September 2010 I started my ‘Econometric Career’ at the University of Groningen. Via several committees and a fantastic year in the VESTING Board 2014-2015 I finished my BSc degree and started as a MSc student at the UvA. During my master I also worked two days a week to head-start my career in the financial industry. Visiting numerous conferences and career events, I decided that I wanted to become a consultant, since the work is highly diverse and not one day is the same. As a consultant you need to have several skills. First of all it is important that you are able to work in teams, which goes hand in hand with expectation management. When are you able to deliver your work? Are you on track with your deadlines? Furthermore it is important to have a clear view on what the client expects from you. You can make the most beautiful slide deck in the world, but if it is not the answer to the question of the client, it is of no use. Is your ambition to start in the field of FRM, or do you have no clue and do you need more information? Feel free to contact me on the number or email address below because I’m happy to sit down for a cup of coffee to discuss your questions!

Sander Cremers

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