Hi! My name is Jan Jakob and I did both my M.Sc. and B.Sc. in econometrics in Groningen. During my study I attended many congresses and inhouse days, which helped me to make a well-informed decision about where I wanted to start my professional career. To this end I strongly recommend participating in the various formal activities facilitated by VESTING. You could also try to contact the companies you are interested in directly. Employers generally like assertiveness!

It was during a VESTING Activity (Sleepless Night) that I first got in touch with Lynxx and shortly after my graduation in 2015 I started to work here. Lynxx is a data-driven consultancy company of ±25 young, smart people. We support companies all over the world (mainly public transport operators) to act on actual data instead of gut feeling. We just opened a new office in Sydney where we all get the opportunity to work for 6 months!

Translating the large amount of data that is to our disposal into valuable business insights requires a refreshing combination of coding and soft skills consultancy. A university degree in econometrics alone advocates that you are smart enough to have a deep understanding of the business problems at hand or can learn a new programming language on the fly. Most job interviews will therefore focus on whether you fit the team as an individual and whether you have passion for the job.

So, do you like what we do and are you still fun to work with? Feel free to contact me personally if you want to know more about Lynxx. You can always stop by at our headquarters in Amersfoort for a cup of coffee.

Jan Jakob Lameijer

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