Actuary, Consultancy, Data Science, Financial Risk Management
Required language
Dutch, English


Edge, the EMEA Deals Traineeship

You are talented and are eager to put your knowledge into practice. You have proven yourself to be smart, driven and ambitious and now you want to get started. In a working environment where you have a steep learning curve and where you are constantly developing yourself. One thing you know for sure: you want to become an advisor. With an economic, business, social or technical master's degree in your pocket, a world of challenges opens up for you at Edge, our Deals Traineeship. The Deals Traineeship offers you the opportunity to experience all facets of the Deals process.

The application for Edge 2021 closes at the end of February, the interviews will take place in March and the Business Course will start in April.

Apply for Edge...

  • if you have a university master's degree in business, finance or an exact study;
  • if you have combined above-average study results with side activities;
  • if you are ambitious, proactive, analytical, statistically strong, result-oriented and flexible;
  • if you like to work in a team, have an eye for detail and are able to perform under time pressure;
  • if you want to work in a dynamic environment with many young and diverse people;
  • if you are interested in strategic issues, finance, mergers and acquisitions;
  • if you are fluent in writing and speaking Dutch and English.

The programme

The program is called Edge, because it's cutting-edge. We offer you the tools to lead the way and become an international deal expert with a broad skillset and a good network. The program challenges and puts a lot of pressure on you, but the result is that you're ready for the next step in your career at the end. A mandatory part of the application process is the business course, read more about the dates of Edge Deals Traineeship in the vacancy. If you want to read more about Edge, watch the video.

Continuing to grow

Become an international deal expert within 3 years. Edge is designed to help you at the beginning of your career to accelerate your development during the first days at the Deal practice. The program lasts three years and officially starts with an International Deals Foundation event in Madrid. There you will meet 400 other starters and PwC Deals leaders from PwC Global. This way, you'll discover what you're going to do in the Deals business. You will then start in the Deal practice at your local PwC office, where you will switch between four groups every six months. This will bring you into contact with all facets and types of clients.

Practical information

At PwC, we like to see you grow up to be an international deal expert. Edge offers you a helicopter view of the deals business, relevant training, mentors and a 'buddy' network. In the third year you may be eligible for an international exchange programme to work in another European country for six months.

Edge offers:

  • Two years of switching between competence groups; in the third year you choose your final competence group;
  • Working in four of the seven deals competency groups and the possibility (for the best trainees) to do an international exchange;
  • The possibility to obtain (technical) diplomas such as CFA;
  • A competitive salary and excellent fringe benefits, such as a lease car, pension and 32 days' holiday per year;
  • A variable bonus system based on PwC's operating results and your personal results.


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