Posthuma Partners
Actuary, Consultancy, Data Science, IT
Required language
Dutch, English


Posthuma-Partners is an innovative international company employing  statistical and data-science techniques in products and services for the financial industry. We are looking for a new colleague with a background in statistics and data-science.

Do you enjoy applying a broad range of statistical techniques to get the most out of a data-set? Are you familiar with tools like various types of regression, random forests and neural nets? Then you might have right profile to join our team. But you should also be able to communicate about the models you have developed. This can be a report for a customer, specifications for our developers or a presentation for the entire company.

You will have a significant amount of freedom to fulfill the position as you see fit, but we ask you to be flexible and have the discipline to deliver when needed. It is possible to work part-time and to work from home. Still interested?

Contact us!
Marc Dijkstra
+ 31 182 231 266

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