Posthuma Partners
Actuary, Consultancy, IT
Required language
Dutch, English


The Organization

Posthuma Partners was established in 1997 by Bouke Posthuma and has developed in recent years into an internationally recognized software house with professional actuarial consultancy. By combining actuarial knowledge and management know-how into high-level software it offers a ‘need-to-have’ tool for every non-life insurance company, broker agency or expertise bureau that wants to improve the results of their core business.

Formulation Assignment

  • You have a basic knowledge of common types of machine learning models.
  • Examples are regression models, neural nets and random forests.
  • You like to try them out in practice on our data sets, from start to finish.  In house and/or with our (international) clients.  Starting with data-preparation and finishing with the selection of significant predictors and the evaluation of the quality of the models.
  • There is room for your ideas about enhancements and tweaks of the models, which you can implement in our scripts and software packages.
  • You can communicate your ideas verbally and in writing to the software development team and to clients.
  • You can write specifications for the models you have developed.
  • You can assist the developers in testing the final production code.
  • A flexible personality who can work in a structured manner, in an inspiring environment, is who we are looking for! 
  • Knowledge of R is an advantage.

If you are interested, please send your resume and letter of motivation to

Office location and contact

Posthuma Partners, Zuidelijk Halfrond 1, 2801 DD GOUDA
Tel.: 06 – 5323 6308
Contact: Marco Nijmeijer

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