One of the goals of VESTING is to tighten the gap between theory and practice for their students. VESTING helps their students in their career preparation by organizing multiple activities and to supply her members with vacancies of many different companies. You can learn more about the formal activities organized by VESTING here. The career page with the vacancies can be found here.

The different sectors VESTING distinguishes between are actuary, banking, consultancy, data science, financial risk management, IT, marketing intelligence, operations research, strategy consultancy and trading. If you want to learn more about working experience in these different fields, go to alumni experiences. Under the section companies you can find in which sector(s) our partners operate.

During the year multiple company events are organized by companies themselves. A common event one can think of is an inhouse day.

An overview of all the vacancies our partners offer can be found here. This includes internships, vacancies and scriptants.

For more information and specific questions about the companies and vacancies you can contact Merwin Smit, the external affairs of VESTING at You can also contact us by phone or by visiting the VESTING Board in the VESTING Room.

If you have any questions about a PhD, you can contact the PhD coordinator Rina Koning ( 

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