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Date: Monday 25 September 2023

On Monday the 25th of September, we will visit Chipsoft for a beer tasting. The beer tasting will be free of charge and will take place in their office in Heerenveen. The beer tasting is a nice way to get to know Chipsoft. ChipSoft develops cutting-edge software that supports healthcare professionals, from medical specialists to admin and executives, in providing the best quality of care in the most efficient way. Their mission is to contribute to greater patient safety and more efficiency in healthcare. If you are interested in getting to know more of how an Econometrician can work in a field such as health care or interested in a new beer tasting experience make sure to sign up!

Note: we will gather at around 13:00 to take the bus to Chipsoft where we will have the Beer Tasting from 13:45 till 16:30.

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