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Date: Monday 16 August 2021

On Monday the 16th of August VESTING organizes the yearly KEI-week social. All new Econometrics and Operations Research students are welcome to join us for a drink and to meet the other freshmen. During this social, you can get to know your fellow students and VESTING in an informal way. If you are doubting if a study association is something for you it might also be a great opportunity to ask some questions to other VESTING Members and to get some more information. For this reason, you do not have to be a VESTING Member to attend this event. Above all, it will be an amazing opportunity to meet other students and to meet VESTING over a drink before the year starts. 

The social is from 15:00 until 18:00 at Café de Toeter (Turfsingel 6, Groningen). If you are already a VESTING Member, you can enroll on this page. If you're not a VESTING Member yet, you can enroll by sending an email to secretaris@devesting.nl.

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