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Date: Monday 22 March 2021 until Friday 9 April 2021

To keep moving during the exams, members can participate in the VESTING Ommetje Leaderboard. Download the Ommetje app and register in the team "deVESTING". By enrolling in this event, you will receive a code on Monday that will give you access to this competition.

The competition works as follows. When taking a walk, you can turn on the timer on the Ommetje app. The more you walk, the higher you will end up on the VESTING Ommetje Leaderboard. The competition starts on Monday March 22nd and you work your way up in the rankings until Friday April 9th. The winner of the VESTING Ommetje Leaderboard will receive a price.

Make sure to enroll and check your mail on Monday for the access code of the “deVESTING” team. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Julian Jager via 06-36568865 or voorzitter@devesting.nl.

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