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Date: Monday 21 September 2020

Please not that this activity is full. If you would like to be on the waiting list, please send a message to the VESTING WhatsApp: +31 6 45 01 59 41.

On Monday, September 21st, the First Years Activity will take place, intended for all first year students. The IWC, the mentors and the VESTING Board will also be present. It’s a great opportunity to get to know all your classmates and other econometrics students. This year we will go to Binn'npret to play beachvolleyball! All beachvolleyball matches will start at exactly 19:30h, so make sure you arrive on time! Changing rooms are not available at Binn'npret, due to the circumstances around Covid-19. For just 3 euros you can enjoy an amazing beachvolleyball tournament and you will receive two coins to purchase consumptions. Everyone can join this activity, the more athletic students and the less trained ones!

Corona measures during the activity:

  • Participants agree with sharing name and telephone number with Binn'npret
  • Participants will respect the measures taken by VESTING and the location. The board and committee members will give warnings if necessary. At three or more warnings, they are free to remove the participant in question from the event (no restitutions)

Furthermore, one can not participate if:

  • One has experienced Corona-related symptoms in the 48 hours prior to the event
  • One has been in contact with a person infected by Corona in the 10 days prior to the event
  • One has visited a country for which the travel advisory is orange or red in the 10 days prior to the event

If you have to cancel the activity due to the three measures above, restitution is of course possible!

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