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Date: Monday 2 March 2020

Get to know Belsimpel: the biggest telecom webstore in the Netherlands. During this
event you will work on a case using real data. The case is about improving efficiency
for Tulip Assist, a mobile insurance company ánd spinoff of Belsimpel, created
because there was no existing insurance company serving the needs of their
customers. After that Belsimpel will give a short presentation about their history,
strategy, vision and their systems and projects.

Additionally, you will get to take a look behind the scenes of Belsimpel, housing all
teams under one roof. From development to logistics and from marketing to customer
service: everything is located at the Grote Markt in Groningen. The event has an
informal setting and is finished with free drinks with some employees, who will tell
you everything you need to know about working at Belsimpel and gladly answer any
questions you might have.

13:45 Walk in
14:00 Case introduction
16:30 Presentation(s)
18:00 Guided tour
18:30 Drinks with Belsimpel colleagues

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