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Date: Monday 2 September 2019 until Monday 16 September 2019

The Committee applications are open! You can apply for the Activity Committe, the Sports Committee, the Weekend Trip Committee, Multimedia Committee and the Magazine Committee.

Activity Committee
The Activity Committee organizes several activities throughout the year. These activities cover a broad range, from cocktailworkshops to the famous VESTING Assassin Game. The AC also throws the incredible End of the Year Party. Its chairman is a second year student, while its other committee members are all first year students. This committee is a great way to get a head start into the VESTING Society, and is known as one of the tightest committees.

Sports Committee
The Sports Committee is responsible for the needed exercise of VESTING Members, who usually spend their free time in the books of course! Every once in a while, the Sports Committee organizes a nice sporty activity. They also organize the Batavierenrace, the national student estafette from Nijmegen to Enschede.

Weekend Trip Committee
The Weekend Trip Committee organizes a great and memorable weekend. They can choose the destination themselves and are free to decide what to do. It is the youngest committee of VESTING, started 2017-2018.

Multimedia Committee
The Multimedia Committee is brought to life to bring the VESTING Activities under attention through image. The committee usually films during activities, and makes aftermovies using their own material. They have state of the art material, and recently even bought a drone. This makes being a member of the Multimedia Committee a very fun and educational experience.

Magazine Committee
The Magazine Committee is a continuous committee that is responsible for the content of the digital plaform, De Econometrist. You can be in the committee for several years, so the group consist of multiple years of study. It is a very tight committee, functioning more like a group of friends.

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