Every other year in the fall, the Sailing Weekend Committee (SWC) organises the VESTING Sailing Weekend. Traditionally, the weekend is held in Heeg, a lovely Frisian village. There, the SWC will organise several activities during the day, among which is sailing, of course. In the evening, there will be another activity after which there is time to have a drink with your fellow participants or go explore the local nightlife at d’Ald Wal!

The VESTING Sailing Weekend is the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow VESTING Members, since the participating group usually is relatively small.  Furthermore, after a night of endless games and fun, what better to spruce you up than spending a lovely day on the water? Even if you do not have any sailing experience yourself, the SWC will make sure that someone in your boat does, so that you have the opportunity to try sailing.

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