This year’s theme of the VESTING Conference is “Stay Connected: Globally Connected, Socially Isolated. Due to globalisation, the world is more connected than ever, however, COVID-19 has caused us to have to isolate ourselves socially. Apart from the consequences this has for individuals, companies also have had to adapt to this new situation. In this adaptation, econometrics, operations research, and actuarial sciences have played major roles.

The current health crisis has brought the different possibilities of different types of connection more to the attention. For example, if meeting physically is impossible, connecting via online services has become more prominent. Furthermore, last year, several events occurred that showed us how the world is connected in ways most people did not realise before, like the ship that was stuck in the Suez Canal, which caused chaos in all ways imaginable.

The main focus for the VESTING Conference 2022 will be the application and influence of econometrics, operations research, and actuarial science on ways we are globally connected.

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