Maarten van Meerten
The Chairman of the Day of this year's VESTING Conference is Maarten van Meerten! Since 2008, he has been the Manager of Public Affaris/Public Relations at the Royal Actuarial Society (AG) of the Netherlands, the professional association of actuaries in the Netherlands. Furthermore, Maarten has been an editor of the magaizine "De Actuaris" ("The Actuary"), the magazine of the AG since 2009. As Chairman of the Day, Maarten will introduce the speakers and facilitate the question rounds afterwards. Moreover, he will lead the panel discussion.
GasUnie is the governmental organisation that is responsible for the distribution of natural gas throughout the Netherlands. On behalf of GasUnie, Janneke Hermes, CFO, and some of her colleagues will talk about how they use Operations Research with this task.
Daniel Ropers
As a young McKinsey consultant, Daniel Ropers (1972) wrote the businessplan for the company he then helped create, Under his CEO leadership of 17,5 years, developed from a small start-up into the by far largest online retailer of the Benelux, with revenues close to 2Bn Euro and growth rates of around 30% by the time he left the company in 2017. Daniel joined Springer Nature, the leading global research publishing group, as its CEO and helped restore its market leading growth and financial performance based on a new long term strategy. Daniel left Springer Nature end of 2019 and is now acting as a senior advisor, investor, and board member. He is serving numerous clients in the private equity, digital consulting, and corporate space, with focus on digital transformation, digital growth strategies, and their organisational implementation.
Reinder Lubbers
When Reinder studied here in Groningen, he was a talented rower and even participated in the 2008 Olympics! After that, he has gone on to found No Such Ventures, a venture capital company. He will talk about the use of risk management and data science in venture capital companies.
This year, Deloitte's Climate Risk Team has sent the following two speakers to attend the Conference:
Rutger Jansen
After I finished my masters in Economics at the University van Amsterdam and Financial Law in Rotterdam I started working at Deloitte. Currently, I have been working at Deloitte for 6 years in the financial risk management team. Within risk management, my main focus in the last years was climate risk. More specifically, we advise financial institutions on the quantification of climate risk. In our story, we will share some challenges institutions face in dealing with climate risk and methods you can use to quantify climate risk. Join our talk or reach out if you want to learn more!
Tom Greeven
I studied Econometrics at University of Groningen and also participated in many activities of VESTING. Together with Deloitte I wrote my thesis on the topic of climate risk. Climate risk is a new type of risk in financial risk management. Therefore, research is needed to investigate how one should model climate risk. Due to the new character of climate risk, I’m really interested in working in this field. If you are interested as well, come listen to our story!
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