The participating companies were Achmea, De Belanstingdienst and BLOOM. 

Achmea focusses on Insurance, Pensions & Financial Service. De Belastingdienst is specialized in Finance & Data Science and BLOOM is a Digital Strategy Consultancy firm.

Case Description Achemea:
Achmea uses a Customer Engagement Value model (CEV). In essence, the CEV calculation has two main components: margin and expected duration (bonding). The margin is the net result of recurring revenues minus recurring costs. The CEV is determined as the product of the margin and bonding. For example, the CEV can be used to calculate whether (campaign) costs are justified.

Case Description Belastingdienst:
Income Tax:
Each year 12 million Dutch residents hand in their tax returns. The Dutch Tax Administration has to determine if these declarations are filled out correctly. Since the we cannot check each declaration manually, we use probability models to predict if a declaration is filled out correctly or not. High risk declarations are checked manually and corrected if necessary.
Business Case:
The Tax Administration of Neerlandica (population 500k) also wants to use data-analysis to monitor income tax declarations. Can you help them out by developing a method which outperforms their current random selections?

Case Description BLOOM: Unlocking market and competitor data as a digital strategy consultant
In many consulting projects, it is necessary to define the market size and the competitor landscape. Your client is looking to enter a new market, invest in a company or launch a new product and wants to know: how much revenue is made with product/service X in market Y? Which players are currently active in this market and how successful are they? 
In traditional consultancy, these questions are answered after many weeks of desk research, interviews and analysis of market reports. As a digital strategy consultant, working for online clients, we are able to do this much faster, with more detailed data. In this training we will teach you how, by giving you an overview of innovative online tools and methods we use. In small groups, we will define the market size and competitor landscape for a new online venture

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