The participating companies of the Career Experience 2019 will give the following cases:


Working at ABN AMRO
The financial sector is moving faster than ever! This is the perfect moment to join our forces to make the world of banking faster, simpler and smarter. Technology is evolving lightning fast and the power of innovation has a major impact on financial systems. We need your talent to make our company future-proof. Whatever your interests are or what your background is, we want to challenge you to use your creativity in innovating the future. We offer you a work environment filled with entrepreneurship and freedom to develop yourself, professionally as well as personally. We want you to feel responsible for your own work because you are responsible!

Starting at ABN AMRO makes you better in what you do
Being thrown into the deep end is the best way to learn. Therefore, starters at ABN AMRO join the workplace immediately. Depending on your function, you will meet clients that need your advice, help with the transition from data to cloud,  come up with (IT) solutions to streamline business or find out how similar quality can be reached at lower cost. Starting at ABN AMRO makes you better in what you do!

Be your best
When you enter the job market, you want to feel confident. On our Be Your Best community you can find interesting articles to give your career a flying start. With this knowledge in the back of your head, you will be fully prepared to enter the job market.

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TKP: Pension made easy
TKP is one of the largest pension administration organisations in the Netherlands. Over 3.7 million people and more than 23 pension funds rely on our services, whether this involves the correct and timely payment of pension benefits or a clear overview of accrued pension.
Part of Aegon, TKP is in the top 3 of pension administrators in the Netherlands. Working for us means working at a high level in down-to-earth Groningen. We regularly have job openings for actuaries, analysts, process designers and financial specialists.
This is what working at TKP means:

  • A starter's salary in line with the market and a flex budget
  • A lot of attention to personal development
  • Socially relevant work with challenging, complex issues
  • A professional working climate with interesting events and lively parties


Paying back a friend, checking whether a product is in stock at a store or tracking a parcel. Without realizing it, you already come in contact with Capgemini frequently in all sorts of ways. We work with our clients to create business & IT solutions that are geared to their customer’s needs and yield concrete results. Our experts really make an impactful contribution to the daily lives of our clients and their customers.

Choose a career that is a good fit
A typical consultancy firm? No, that’s not us. We do not have fixed frameworks and your path is undoubtedly not set in stone either. You are the one who decides how your career progresses at our organization. And what direction you move in. Do you want to specialize and become an expert, for instance, or advance to senior management? Whatever your ambitions, as a professional you have the freedom to decide your own course.

All you can train
While a few years ago we were fiddling with our text messages to fit within the prescribed number of characters, texting apps have now given us free reign. It is almost impossible to keep up with technology. If you want to continue to excel as an IT professional in this digital world, it is crucial to keep your knowledge up to speed. Fortunately, you are in the right place at Capgemini. Our ‘All You Can Train’ program gives you access to more than a hundred training and education courses. So you can continue to develop your knowledge and talents.

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Case description
During the workshop of Capgemini Invent, we will first introduce the firm and afterwards explore one of the basic skills of consultancy: storyboarding. It is one of main skills that each consultant must have, independent of their work area or expertise.
We will utilize a use case that is based on a real project from Capgemini Invent. Of course, you will have the possibility to dive into the aspects of consultancy and Capgemini Invent in particular with the consultants present.


Aegon is always looking for new talent
Whether you are fresh out of college or already have a few years of corporate experience: Aegon is always looking for new talent. With over 26.000 employees worldwide, we make sure that our clients can make conscious decisions regarding their financial future. We are an insurance company, a pension company, and an asset manager in one. With Aegon, you can finance your dream house, insure your car or save to travel the world. Aegon has the right financial product to make every dream come true!

Build your future at Aegon
We think it is important that our employees keep developing themselves and have tasks they enjoy. Do you want to broaden your knowledge? Do you want to learn something new? You are in control! Aegon aids you with the right resources, like development programs and trainings within the junior positions. You can work at Aegon when you have a background in Finance, Econometrics, Actuarial Studies and technical backgrounds as Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, IT, etc.

Join the Development Program
For starters in the job market, Aegon has developed four distinct Development Programs: Data Science, IT, Technical and Financial. Such a Program gives you a head start and will guarantee rapid progress in professional growth en personal development. Substantive and personal development are the key pillars of the program. Together with fellow starters, you will work on challenging cases, fulfill different positions and follow several hard skills and soft skills trainings. You will also have the opportunity to gain experience in different multiple branches of the company, such as the Corporate Centre, Aegon Asset Management, Knab or one of our foreign locations.

Vantage AI

Vantage AI is a data science consultancy firm connecting ambitious and highly educated data scientists with your organization. We empower organizations to become more data driven and efficient by offering effective and accessible data science solutions.

We support life-long learning. Our employees have experience in data science, but they are also engaged in our extensive 3-year Vantage program. The Vantage program supports our employees on the road to becoming top-level senior data scientists.

We are powered by and share our office with BigData Republic, a multidisciplinary team of expert Big Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers and Big Data Architects.


Milliman is one of the world’s largest independent actuarial and consulting firms. Founded in 1947, Milliman has more than 3,000 consultants and offices in major cities around the globe.

Our offices in Amsterdam, Brussels and Luxembourg form one practice and consist of around 50 consultants, all with their own specializations. Apart from the traditional actuarial field, we also support our clients on financial risk management and data analytics projects. Finally, we assist on M&A processes in the insurance sector, often internationally. Our client database consists of insurance companies, corporate clients, banks and healthcare providers.

The culture within Milliman can be described as knowledge and result driven. We are continuously looking for new challenges in the various quantitative fields and employees enjoy a large amount of professional freedom. Also, our reward structure is result driven and depends on your individual contribution to the success of the firm.

In short, working for Milliman means the following:

  • A flexible working environment;
  • Talented and motivated colleagues who will always help you;
  • Responsibility from day one;
  • The possibility to develop yourself through post-masters or research projects.

We are always looking for skilled and motivated graduates to join us and help our firm grow.
For more information, please go to or send an e-mail to

Please note that the Milliman case will be in Dutch.


Working at TBA Group
Are you interested in solving complex logistic challenges and see your solution being applied in a real operating terminal? Our passion is to make traffic flows in large hubs run as smoothly as possible. We use state-of-the-art simulation models – proven and implemented globally – to achieve the best terminal performance for our international clients. We come up with solutions such as applying better assignment algorithms to decrease waiting queues, or better job selection procedures to reduce the equipment driving distances. Every terminal has its own unique characteristics which makes every project a different logistical challenge to solve.

TBA’s software for automated container equipment is market leading and we work on various R&D initiatives to stay at the forefront of developments in the port and warehouse industry. These initiatives are often supported by students. We mostly work with students with a background in Operations Research, Engineering or Computer science, but we are also inviting students to apply, who have affinity with simulation and modelling of logistic processes.

There will be opportunities to travel and work abroad due to the international character of our business. We are a firm believer that training is an essential part to keep on improving. We have our own Academy to ensure that all the employees are up-to-date with the latest developments in the port business.

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