The participating companies of the VESTING Career Experience 2023 are:

Arriva is a leading public transport provider that operates bus and train services across Europe. With a commitment to delivering efficient and reliable transportation, Arriva plays a crucial role in connecting communities and ensuring seamless travel experiences. The company's extensive network and focus on customer satisfaction contribute to its prominence in the public transportation sector.

Belsimpel is a dynamic telecommunications company that offers a wide range of mobile phones, plans, and accessories. Committed to providing customers with the latest technology and outstanding service, Belsimpel has become a go-todestination for individuals seeking reliable and affordable mobile solutions.The company's diverse product offerings cater to different preferences and requirements in the ever-evolving world of telecommunications.

Deloitte is a global professional services firm that provides a wide range of audit, consulting, tax, and advisory services. With a reputation for excellence and innovation, Deloitte serves clients around the world, helping them navigate complex business challenges and achieve sustainable growth. The firm's expertise spans various industries, making it a trusted partner for organizations seeking strategic solutions and financial guidance. 

NS is the principal passenger railway operator in the Netherlands. With a focus on efficient and sustainable transportation, NS plays a vital role in connecting cities and regions, contributing to the overall accessibility of the country. The company's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction ensures that passengers experience safe and comfortable journeys. 

Van Lanschot Kempen
Van Lanschot Kempen is a Dutch financial institution that specializes in wealth and asset management, private banking, and merchant banking services. With a rich history dating back to the 18th century, the company has a strong tradition of providing tailored financial solutions to individuals, families, and institutions. Van Lanschot Kempen's emphasis on personalized service and long-term relationships sets it apart in the financial industry.

Triple A
Triple A is a consultancy firm that focuses on actuarial and risk-related services. Specializing in areas such as insurance, pensions, and healthcare, Triple A helps clients navigate complex financial landscapes and make informed decisions. The company's expertise in risk management and actuarial science contributes to its role as a trusted advisor in the ever-changing world of finance. 

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