In order to support the VESTING Members in their career preparation, VESTING organizes multiple formal events throughout the year.

The largest events are the VESTING Conference and the VESTING Career Experience. Both are one-day events in which multiple speakers and/or companies are present. Exclusively for the first-year students there is a Freshmen Symposium during which the first-years can get a first touch of what their career might look like. VESTING also organizes a foreign trip, called the International Programme, during which multiple companies will be visitied. Since last year VESTING also organizes the Data Science Tour, a two-day event where a group of selected students visits four different data science companies.

The Actuarial Game and the OR Game are examples of events that only take up an afternoon and are organized in Groningen. During one academic year, VESTING also organizes around two recruitment dinners with companies. These dinners take place in Groningen and are a perfect way of learning more about the specific company. 

The Expedition Strategy is an event organized in cooperation with the other study associations Risk, Lugus and Prof. Francken. During this four-day trip students get to know the top strategy consultancy companies of the Netherlands. 

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