VESTING is the study assocoiation for the bachelor Econometrics and Operations Research (EOR) and the master Econometrics, Operations Research, and Actuarial Studies (EORAS) at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. This study uses a scientific approach and is known for its development of strong analytical skills in its students. VESTING has about 600 bachelor and masterstudents. By cooperating with us to organize for example an event, you get in contact with our econometrics students.On this page you can find all cooperation possibilities. For more information on cooperations, please contact

Cooperation possibilities

VESTING Activities
Throughout the academic year, VESTING organizes several formal activities. These events are the perfect opportunity for your company to acquaint itself with econometrics students and to get exposure amongst them. You can also come in contact with the students in an informal way, such as during a social or dinner.

Digital cooperation possibilities
The VESTING Website is used as the main channel of communication for VESTING. Students can find some companies of interest for econometrics students on the website, and orientate themselves through our career page. On this page you can post your company profile, your job offers, internships and events to get them under the attention of our students. Furthermore, you have the opportunity of placing a banner on our homepage, creating awareness amongst all our members.

VESTING Mailings
To promote a job offer, business course, inhouse day or any other event towards our members, we offer a direct mailing.

De Econometrist
De Econometrist is the digital platform for VESTING, containing scientific articles, VESTING Activity reports and intership and thesis reports. These articles are easily shared through social media and thus have a very big outreach. Companies can either advertise on De Econometrist, or can place an entry such as an interview or a professionally relevant article. The coming year, De Econometrist will be expanded as we have incorporated our magazine in the platform. The outreach will thus only grow further.

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